official selection of the 2nd annual loyola festival



Lucky numbers - jury choice winner

Chester milton, lachsa, los angeles, ca

The password to view this film is luckynumbers.


dylan raiman & riley olson, agoura high school, agoura hills, ca



timothy vaughn, mary mcdowell friends school, brooklyn, ny


Love & the art of frisbee flight

alex brisker, lachsa, los angeles, ca



James kanoff & aiden reilly, harvard-westlake & loyola high school, los angeles, ca


Guy with a dog

William lancaster, lachsa, los angeles, ca


Heaven's waiting

Connor Jamieson, loyola high school, los angeles, ca


336 hour film competition:


I'm sorry, mom - jury choice winner

angel lopez, loyola high school, los angeles, ca


The broken mirror

sarah leeper, cleveland high school, reseda, ca